Like any good American, this bald eagle loves a good selfie

By Kelli Bender
November 30, 2015 07:29 PM

Two Canadians brothers pulled a very American move on Tuesday, saving a bald eagle from a trap and snapping a selfie with the bird before setting it free. 

Michael and Neil Fletcher were out hunting near Windy Lake in Ontario, when they found the regal bird caught in another hunter’s trap, reports NBC News

Determined to save the eagle, the brothers went to work finding a way to safely remove the predator from the tricky situation. 

“When we got close to the bird, it tried to fly away. So I took my hoodie off and put it around its head, it calmed it right down,” Michael, 29, said of the duo’s rescue tactic. 

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After the eagle calmed down, the siblings went to work opening the trap, capturing the tedious process in a video they later posted to Facebook. Patience paid off; the Fletchers eventually sprung America’s symbol of freedom from its bonds of oppression. 

Before sending the eagle into the sky once more, the guys posed for a quick selfie with their new feathered friend. 

The bird did its best Sam the Eagle impression for the shot, and then was sent off.

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A Facebook video of the release shows the animal wobbling a bit at take off, but then gracefully soaring into the clear blue day to bring the message of justice and democracy everywhere its shadows touches. Michael told NBC News the bird appeared to be unharmed, just understandably confused, when he removed the animal from the trap.