Doggy DNA testing lets owners discover which breeds make up their furry friend

By Kelli Bender
March 03, 2017 03:20 PM
My Dog Stink/Instagram

Almost all dog owners know the feeling of being asked, “What breed is your dog?”

For many pet parents the answer is unknown since their dog is not purebred, but a shelter pup with a mysterious family history.

Embark is here to unveil that unknown. The company conducts mailed in doggy DNA tests, which reveal the breeds that were mixed together to create your furry friend.

To show how this scientific magic works, Embark conducted DNA tests on famous Instagram fidos and want to share the results with you, but they want to make you work for it. Below, is a quiz to test your own breed recognition skills with answers at the bottom.

After challenging your canine know-how, you can visit Embark to order up your own doggy DNA test and learn about #EmbarkWithUs. This new campaign is dedicated to bolstering research that will help canine healthcare. All owners have to do is fill out a quick survey about their pets. As a bonus, Embark will donate $1 to an animal shelter in need for every survey completed.

Now, let’s get testing!

My Dog Stink 

Stink is a Jack Russell enjoying the good life at the beach. Can you guess the top two breeds in his lineage?

A) Russell-Type Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier

B) Russell-Type Terrier and Rat Terrier

Cuddles with Crosby 

Crosby is a male purebred Rottweiler, but can you guess what his related breed is?

A) Great Dane

B) Irish Wolfhound

3 Happy Mutts

Gypsy and Mama Dáy are a part of the “3 happy mutts” — living in Tennessee! Both of them are beloved rescue dogs!

Can you guess the top two breeds in Gypsy’s lineage? 

A) Siberian Husky and Staffordshire Terrier

B) Siberian Husky and German Shepherd Dog

Can you guess the top two breeds in Mama Dáy’s lineage?

A) Border Collie and Beagle

B) Border Collie and Coonhound

Maltipoo Toby

Toby is a Maltipoo living in Melbourne, Australia. He likes to eat, fetch, sleep — on repeat. Can you guess the top two breeds in Toby’s lineage?

A) Maltese and Havanese

B) Maltese and Shih Tzu

Fabio the Bald Dog 

Fabio is a bald little rescue. Can you guess the top two breeds in his lineage?

A) Chihuahua and Chinese Crested

B) Poodle (small) and Chihuahua

Pups on Par

Lucy & Emily are fashionistas living in Pennsylvania.  

Emily is a 1-year-old rescue mutt. She is full of energy, very smart and very sassy. She enjoys playing fetch, running, swimming, chasing birds and going to work on the golf course. Can you guess the top two breeds in her lineage?

A) Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle

B) Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog

Lucy is very quiet, laid back and very shy around people. She enjoys playing, running, swimming and going to work on the golf course but most of all she loves to eat! Can you guess the top two breeds in her lineage?

A) Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever

B) Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler


Stink: A) Russell-Type Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier

Crosby: A) Great Dane

Gypsy: A) Siberian Husky and Staffordshire Terrier

Mama Dáy: B) Border Collie and Coonhound

Toby: B) Maltese and Shih Tzu

Fabio: B) Poodle (small) and Chihuahua

Emily: A) Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle

Lucy: B) Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler