Can You Guess the Breeds that Make Up These Adorable Dogs?

Embark dog DNA testing is trying to stump you with this fluffy quiz

Photo: Diane Collins and Jordan Hollender/Getty

One of the joys of adopting a mixed breed dog is getting a bit of the best of several different kinds of canines.

Except it isn’t always easy to sort out what’s what. You can try to guess what breed of pups got together to make your fur baby based on their personality, size, appearance and energy level, but it’s hard to be certain.

Now, there is way to know what kind of wonderful dogs make up your perfect mutt. Dog DNA testing just needs a DNA sample from your pooch, which can be mailed in; then it’s able to compare your pet’s unique genetic make-up to those of 150 different dog breeds.

Embark is one of the companies that offers this special service. Along with telling you what canines make up your snowflake of a dog, it can also provide valuable information about the health issues your pet may be predisposed to, as well as the best food, diet and exercise plan for your pup.

Think you already know everything there is to know about dog breeds and how they can mesh together in the adorable world of mutts? Take Embark’s quiz and see if you pick out the right pooch from each pack.

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