July 10, 2009 08:34 PM

Who knew that flamingos cuddled? This sweet shot of a newborn chick with its mama (or papa!) at San Diego’s SeaWorld is proof!

The white fluffy chick, who won’t be as pretty in pink as its parents until it’s about 3 years old, hatched on Monday at the marine mammal park. (Flamingos get their hue from eating copious amounts of shrimp, which contains carotenoid pigment.)

And both parents help hatch the egg and feed the chick (initially, a regurgitated kind of milk), according to SeaWorld. “Adults appear anxious while their chick is hatching. Parent birds stand, look at the egg, and vocalize … Adults sit on the egg to break the brittle shell,” says SeaWorld’s Web site.

We hope this little cuddle session cheers them both up, since another Kodak moment is imminent: The chick should take some of its first steps very soon!

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