Huey strutted into the reality show house with Texas girl Maegan

By Kelli Bender
January 05, 2016 06:40 PM

Things are already getting wild on the 20th season of The Bachelor, and there weren’t even any hot tubs featured yet. 

On Monday’s premiere of the ABC dating spectacle, this season’s suited stud Ben Higgins met the ladies who will be warring for his love and roses, and a few of them already came with dates. 

Texas girl Maegan walked up to her first meet-and-greet with Ben with a mini horse named Huey strutting alongside her. We were instantly in love – not with Maegan or Ben – but with dear, sweet Huey.

The tiny horse took in his surroundings like a pro, making sure to hide any emotions that Ben could get a read on. They say (somewhere) mystery is the best way to land a man, and Huey is off to a strong start. 

Maegan claims she brought the farm animal with her so Ben could get a taste of what it’s like to hitch your wagon to a Texas cowgirl, but I think Huey is working as a free agent. This horse could end up hoofing off with all the roses – he certainly has stolen my heart – and is still in the running since (SPOILER) Maegan was given a rose at the end of the episode. 

One who wasn’t so lucky (SPOILER, again) was chicken enthusiast Tiara. According to Romper, Tiara is actually a dental assistant from Redmond, Washington, with a deep love for all things avian, clucking and egg-laying. 


The premiere episode featured shots of Tiara reading, kissing and brushing her teeth with her pet chickens, who are a part of her life she can’t live without. Apparently, Ben wasn’t feeling the committed relationship Tiara was already in with her feathered friends, because this chicken enthusiast was sent packing back to her pets at the end of the night.