The model/actress opened up about Frenchie Ralphie's penchant for showing up at inopportune times on SiriusXM this week

By Kate Hogan
July 21, 2021 05:39 PM
Rob Gronkowski puppy
Rob Gronkowski and Camille Kostek with puppy Ralphie
| Credit: Ralphie Gronkowski/Instagram

Rob Gronkowski may help model girlfriend Camille Kostek deflect the haters, but there's one little guy he can't keep away from her: their French bulldog, Ralphie.

"Whenever Ralphie is hungry or wants Rob's attention or Rob's not picking him up he's just crying," she told SiriusXM's Mark Zito this week.

The couple welcomed Ralphie into their family in February, giving him his own adorable Instagram account and documenting his adventures on social media. And while they're happy to have him around, Kostek, 29, admitted he does seem to appear when she and NFL star Gronkowski, 32, find themselves in rather, ahem, intimate moments.

"I feel like it would be more weird if I said no," she responded when Zito asked if the dog hops on the bed when the couple is having alone time. "Listen, animals are people's shadows. All Frenchie owners who are listening will know, they are your shadow. They do not leave at all!"

Kostek added that the pup has started jumping on the bed by himself lately, too, without needing assistance from Mom and Dad. "We didn't know that," she said, laughing, "and it's because when he really wants attention and you're really not giving it to him because you're busy ..."

Next up for Kostek is a role in the Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer film Free Guy, out next month.