Camila Alves McConaughey Shows Off New Adopted Family Dog: 'What Was I Thinking!'

The Brazillian supermodel and her husband Matthew McConaughey have several pets

Camila Alves
Photo: Camila Alves/instagram

Camila Alves McConaughey and Matthew McConaughey's household keeps on getting bigger!

Camila, 38, revealed on Instagram that the couple adopted another dog.

The Brazillian supermodel shared a picture of herself cuddled up to the white puppy, captioning the sweet photo, "New addition to the family ❤️🐶What was I thinking!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️."

"4 months old ...THANK YOU @humanesociety for what you do!! This little one has a home now! 👊🏽👊🏽," she added.

Camila and Matthew 51, already have a full house with their three kids — sons Levi, 12, and Livingston, 8, and daughter Vida, 10 – the Dallas Buyer's Club star's 89-year-old mother Kay and many of their other adopted dogs and cats.

Just days before Camila shared that she had adopted another fur baby, she posted a video giving their senior dog Cheesy a hand massage as it lay on his back.

"Can I be like this today!!!" she joked in the caption. "Zone out for a minute from the problems of the world...:"

The supermodel added, "Man...I am gonna have to have a family meeting here...can't remember the last time I got a foot rub! Cheesy is living the life!!😂😂🐶."

In September, Camila explained why she continues to adopt pets despite their already big family.

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The Women of Today founder posted a photo of herself while she was young holding a black dog.

"My first dog here was named Bobby," the mom of three shared. "He wouldn't stop stealing our food he was very naughty! (I thought it was funny)"

Camila then revealed, "My dad gave him away... so I think that's part of why I want every animal I see! 😂😂."

Although they have a full house, Matthew shared in a November appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show how he and Camila manage to have alone time.

"Sometimes you go through the day and you got the kids' remote schooling, you get everyone set up, you're doing meals and running around. I'm doing my work, she's doing hers, and sometimes it'll be at 9:30 at night or 10 o'clock when we actually look at each other and go, 'Oh, hi, how are you?' " Matthew said of the challenges.

He continued, "But she's really good at scheduling and we're getting a little bit better at creating some structure, not only for the kids but for us and saying, 'Hey, from this time to this time don't come knocking on the door. We're gonna have our time.' "

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