May 11, 2010 08:35 PM

The unthinkable happened while singer Vanessa Carlton was on a jog last Sunday in Shohola, Pa.: She was attacked by a young pit bull. The dog “ran off its lawn, crossed street, chased me into the woods and bit into my leg,” she wrote in a note on her Facebook page. She described the incident as a “nightmare in real time” and said her dream would be that Cesar Millan “would take the dog in.”

Thankfully, a couple came to her rescue during the attack. “Their car spooked the dog away b4 he presumably got me again,” she wrote. Carlton, 29, says the good Samaritans allowed her into their car “covered in blood and shaking like a leaf” and let her use their phone.

In an email to, the singer said that the dog that attacked her is in quarantine, and that she is on the mend and headed to the U.K. on Thursday. “Ironically I was visiting my dog Victor [in Pennsylvania] cause I missed him so much,” she said of her trip to the state.

Carlton is relieved that Victor wasn’t running with her that day: “He would have been killed,” she wrote on Facebook.

The terrifying incident hasn’t turned Carlton into a dog hater, though. “I love dogs,” she wrote. “An ex-boyfriend had a pit bull and I loved her like my own for 4 years, but what do we do with the dogs like the one that got me? I don’t like the idea of euthanizing young dogs.”

Carlton tells “I don’t believe in putting dogs down but the dog is rumored to have attacked a child as well. It may be euthanized. Really sad situation. I blame the owners.” contacted The Pike County Humane Society, the only shelter in the Shohola-area, and staff there had no record of the young pit bull that attacked Carlton. They said that the dog may be under home quarantine.

The singer wrote on Facebook that she hoped the Dog Whisperer could somehow work with the aggressive dog. “Am I nuts to think this is a possibility? If no, then this dog is en route to a shelter where it will fail an aggression test and then be put down.”

Here’s hoping the Dog Whisperer comes to the rescue!

Tell us: what do you think should happen to the dog that bit Vanessa?

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