California Woman Accidentally Takes in Baby Fox After Mistaking Wild Animal for a Lost Kitten

California's Rocklin Police Department transported the fox kit to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue to receive expert care

baby fox mistaken for kitten
Photo: Rocklin Police Department

It's another case of mistaken animal identity!

On Monday, California's Rocklin Police Department posted on Facebook about a cat rescue that took a strange turn. According to the department, a local woman recently took in a baby animal she found outside, thinking it was a needy kitten.

"A Rocklin resident got quite a surprise last week after realizing a tiny 'kitten' she had rescued turned out to be a fox kit," the police department wrote in their post, which included a photo of the tiny, black animal the Rocklin woman picked up.

"A concerned family member called us after seeing the scared little guy and Animal Control responded," the post added about what happened to the baby fox, also known as a kit.

Animal control transported the little fox to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, where the kit is now receiving care.

The Rocklin Police Department also shared advice about what to do during an encounter with orphaned or injured wildlife in their Facebook post. The department recommends contacting a local wildlife rehabilitator if you find an orphaned or injured animal and suggests using resources from the Human Society of the United States and AnimalHelpNow to find a wildlife rehab near you.

This is one of several recent cases of animal lovers confusing wild critters for domestic pets. In early May, a New England family accidentally brought home a coyote pup after assuming the baby animal was a lost puppy. Before this, in late April, a Texas woman called animal control for assistance rescuing a helpless puppy that turned out to be a baby fox.

The baby wild animals were taken to wildlife rescue centers for treatment and care in both cases.

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