'Curious' California Puppy Gets Head Stuck in Fence and Needs the Jaws of Life to Escape

The Kern County Fire Department rescued a little dog with some big equipment, using the jaws of life to save the canine

They say curiosity killed the cat, but it also gets dogs into some sticky situations.

On Tuesday, California's Kern County Fire Department got a call about a puppy caught in a tight spot.

"A very curious puppy got some much-needed help when his head got wedged in a fence this morning," the fire department shared on Facebook.

According to the post, a small white dog managed to get their head stuck in one of the diamonds of a chain-link fence. To save the little canine, the firefighters needed some big tools.

"The firefighters used the 'Jaws of Life' to rescue this little guy near an elementary school in Lamont," Kern County Fire Department added on social media.

Dog Stuck

Video of the rescue shows one firefighter carefully using the jaws of life to cut open the fence surrounding the dog's head while another firefighter gently holds the puppy. Eventually, the jaws of life make enough space for the pup to be pulled out and freed.

"He was unharmed and very happy to be freed!" the Facebook post about the rescue concluded.

Animal lovers were quick to comment on the sweet heroic act.

"HEROES FOR ALL OF US," one Facebook user commented.

"Thank you for the rescue of a helpless fur baby," another added.

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