February 22, 2016 11:04 PM

Banks needs all the good vibes you have. 

Two weeks ago, a San Jose, California, cat named Banks was lured away from his home by an unknown assailant, who beat and tortured the cat for hours, reports KGO

Somehow, 24 hours after his brutal capture and ordeal, the missing cat was able to limp home.

“I’m grateful he was able to come home, but I can’t imagine the hours spent in so much pain,” said owner Corissa Hulick.

The black-and-white kitty is now home recovering from a broken jaw, a punctured tail and a massive hematoma in his chest. Banks can barely move at the moment and needs to be fed through a feeding tube daily, since his jaw is wired shut to heal. 

Based on his injuries, the vet Banks visited after miraculously returning home believes the 2-year-old feline was beaten with a baseball bat. Banks is trying his hardest to make a full recovery, and he has received help from his community. Hulick started a GoFundMe page shortly after the horrible incident to help cover Banks’ mounting vet bills. She received the necessary donations in just four days. 

“He’s someone’s cat. I don’t understand how someone can do this to a person’s animal,” said Hulick.

The owner plans to involve the police in finding Banks’ tormentor. 

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