Callie the frightened kitty is found inside family's donated couch.

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When Vickie Mendenhall bought a used couch for $27 in Spokane, Washington in February, she got an added bonus: a calico cat. According to The Associated Press, when Mendenhall brought the couch home, she heard a mewing noise and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Later, after her boyfriend felt something move under the blue cushions, they realized a very hungry kitty was living inside the sofa.

When Mendenhall returned to Value Village, where she bought the couch, they offered no information on its original owner. So, she brought the feline to SpokAnimal CARE, where she works and called on the media to help her find the kitty’s owners. KHQ’s Anthony Gomes’ help track down the Bob Killian who had donated the couch on Feb. 19, with his 9-year-old cat, Callie, inside.

“We kept hoping and praying, praying that she wasn’t suffering,” Killian said.

Watch the family’s reunion with Callie above!