July 30, 2012 01:00 PM

She had a little extra meat on her bones – and a few too many bones, too.

Lilli, a calf from Weissenburg, Switzerland, was born Valentine’s Day this year with six legs, the two extra limbs protruding from her back.

She was not expected to survive due to her condition. According to the Daily Mail, Lilli’s owner couldn’t bear to put the calf down, but sold her to someone who could pay for surgery to remove Lilli’s extra legs.

On June 14, Lilli underwent a four-hour surgery that cost over $2,000, and has since been moved to an animal sanctuary in Salzburg.

“Lilli is recovering from the operation and has a good appetite back,” says the sanctuary’s Michael Aufhauser. “She is happy, curious and enjoying getting to know the fellow cows.”

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