Caged Dog Abandoned in a Michigan River Is Searching for a New Home Where He Can Heal

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is treating VanBuren the puppy — believed to be about six months old — for a broken leg following the dog's river rescue

VanBuren the dog thrown into river looking for home
Photo: Jackson County Animal Shelter - Michigan

After surviving a scary incident, an adorable puppy is recovering and looking for a new home.

VanBuren, believed to be about six months old, was recently rescued from a river in Jackson Country, Michigan. Someone put the dog inside a wire crate and abandoned the pet in the river, WILX reported on Tuesday.

Jackson County Animal Shelter is now caring for VanBuren, who is "a super sweet and loving boy," according to a Facebook post from the shelter.

"Full of wiggles and kisses, he still loves people and wants to be the best doggo ever," the post added about VanBuren's outstanding temperament despite his abuse.

According to the post, VanBuren had a "nasty break" in one of his legs when rescuers found him. The Jackson County Animal Shelter is treating the injury, and VanBuren is on the road to recovery.

"We know he would heal much better in a home and there's no reason he has to wait to be adopted! JCAS will continue the medical care for his leg post-adoption," the Michigan shelter wrote in its Facebook post.

A photo shared by the shelter shows the puppy with a cast on his front right leg.

Anyone interested in adopting VanBuren is encouraged to "come meet him," per the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

In another bittersweet rescue story, in April, firefighters saved a pit bull puppy found near a debris fire in North Sacramento, PEOPLE reported. Though officials said the puppy was discovered in the immediate area of the fire, the little dog didn't sustain serious injuries from the blaze.

After the incident, FOX 40 News reported that the puppy would go to the Front Street Animal Shelter and start the search for a forever family.

On April 26, the Sacramento Fire Department posted an exciting video update on Instagram about the canine's future.

In the clip, Mike Thawley, a firefighter with the department, announced he would be adopting the puppy after fostering him from the shelter for a few weeks.

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