His mom, Dolly, also has only three legs

By Maria Yagoda
June 23, 2016 08:48 PM

On Saturday night, a three-legged goat named Byron was born, and he is already melting hearts around the world by virtue of his strength, determination and adorable goat face. 

It already looks like he’s taking after his mother Dolly, who also has three legs (she injured one badly). By Sunday morning, Byron could stand on his own. By the evening, he could walk — making the kid a fighter of the highest order.

Byron, Dolly and his father, Poptart, live with other rescue animals at Winding River Ranch in Grand Lake, Colorado.

Videos posted by Winding River Ranch show Byron getting comfortable on his own three hooves:

We’re confident Byron has an incredible and full goat life ahead of him. Because having three legs has never stopped anyone from being great. Just ask Ziggy, a two-year-old border collie with three legs and the best life ever