Busy Philipps on Naming Her Dog After Chelsea Peretti's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Role: She's 'Funny'

"Gina's not as salty as Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Busy Philipps tells PEOPLE of her canine ahead of Thursday's National Dog Show

Busy Philipps Chelsea Peretti
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Busy Philipps' dog has a lot in common with Chelsea Peretti's Brooklyn Nine-Nine character.

While discussing her excitement for the upcoming 20th Annual National Dog Show Presented by Purina, Philipps couldn't help talking about her own canine and how the dog's unique moniker — Gina Linetti — came to be.

"[My eldest child] Birdie was just a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, is still a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan," Philipps, 42, tells PEOPLE. "When the dog showed up, Birdie was like, 'The name is Gina Linetti.' And we're like, 'Okay, that sounds good.'"

"It worked. And she's such a little Gina," she adds of how her pup is similar to Peretti's Brooklyn Nine-Nine role. "She's such a Gina Linetti."

"Gina's not as salty as Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine," Philipps continues.

But what else do Gina the dog and the fictional comedy character have in common?

"Chelsea Peretti is a friend of mine," the Girls5eva star says. "She loves that Gina is named Gina Linetti. I mean, they're both beautiful, both Gina Linetti the character and the dog."

Chelsea Peretti

Gina Linetti the pooch joined Philipps' family last year, and the Dawson's Creek alum and her loved ones have already created many funny memories with the pup.

"I mean, Gina, bless her heart, has a sensitive stomach. And yet, we'll walk into a room, and she'll just be standing on the dining room table with half a burrito hanging out of her mouth," the actress, author, and podcast host recalls. "And we'll be like, 'First of all, why are you on the dining room table? Secondly, Cricket, did you leave a burrito on the dining room table?' And [my daughter] Cricket will be like, 'Oh, I maybe forgot to clear my plate.' "

"It's so funny because she gets this look on her face like she knows that it's going to hurt her stomach, and she can't help herself. She's just a little funny lady," she adds.

Gina Linetti also "does a funny thing" with Phillips, she reveals.

Busy Philipps Dog
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"She gives me these really long blinks with her eyes. She has really long eyelashes, and she'll just look at me and blink. And then I don't know what it is that she wants," Phillips says. "She wants me to just cuddle her, I think. But she's so cute."

Philipps' love for dogs doesn't stop at her own. She's currently teaming up with Purina to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The National Dog Show, which airs on NBC this Thanksgiving.

According to Philipps, watching the program is "always a really fun thing to do on Thanksgiving."

"I've been watching it for as long as I can remember. I love the dog show genuinely. I love everything about it," she explains. "My roommate, when I was in my early 20s, Emily and I went to the National Dog Show Expo because we were just fans of the dogs. We didn't even have a dog. We just loved it, just seeing all of the breeds. And I love the commentary and hearing what the judges are looking for. It's all so interesting. And the history of the different breeds, it's really fascinating to me."

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For this year's event, 1,500 dogs from over 200 breeds will compete for the Best in Show title. A new breed — the Biewer terrier — will be introduced as well.

Purina and NBC are also launching the first-ever National Dog Show Junior event for 2021.

"[It's] a little bit more kid-focused content around the dog show, including, they're going to have some junior handlers," Philipps says. "It is exciting. And I mean, it seems wild to me. My 8-year-old can't walk Gina, you know what I mean? ... I just can't imagine these kids running the dogs around the ring. It's kind of going to be hilarious, I think."

The 20th annual National Dog Show airs Thursday, Nov. 25 at 12 p.m. (across all time zones) on NBC, and the very first National Dog Show Junior event, along with the National Dog Show, can be streamed on Thanksgiving Day at 2 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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