Bush's Dog Barney Bites The Hand That Reports On It

Is First Dog Barney ready to give up his title?

After being in the spotlight for several years now as “First Dog,” it seems that President Bush’s pup, Barney, may be a touch bitter about relinquishing his title. Upon finishing an interview on White House grounds, Reuters television reporter Jon Decker asked for permission to pet Barney, who happened to be cruising by after his morning walk. When Decker bent down to play with the pup, the president’s 8-year-old Scottish Terrier chomped down – right on Decker’s finger! “My first thought was, ‘That’s not good,’” the reporter told MSNBC.com. He was immediately treated on the scene by the White House doctor, and was told to return later that week for a tetanus shot. We wonder what Miss Beazley would have to say about this?
Kate Hogan

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