A bus driver has raised money to get a commemorative plaque installed at the stop

By Kelli Bender
February 03, 2016 05:10 PM

Missy will be missed. 

The friendly orange tabby earned the name “Bus Stop Cat” for her habit of leaving home and keeping commuters company while waiting for the Number 39 bus at Havant, Hampshire, reports The Mirror. 

Recently the 13-year-old cat came home limping and covered in blood. Missy was taken to the vet, where doctors determined her injuries, which included broken teeth, a fractured skull and hemorrhaging, were consistent with those sustained in a hit-and-run. The friendly feline was most likely struck by a vehicle and left to die while heading home from the bus shelter. Due to the extent of her injuries, Missy was euthanized at the vet’s office. 

While the kitty will no longer frequent the stop, the commuters who came to adore her will not let Missy be forgotten. Shortly after the cat’s death, bus driver Craig Cockram set up a fundraising webpage to collect donations for a commemorative plaque to be placed at Missy’s favorite stop. The fundraising page, which was looking for £500 in donations, has received over £4,000 in donations so far. 

Friends of Missy have kept the stop decorated while waiting for the plaque to be made. The simple depot has turned into a touching shrine for the cat, with the bench covered in bouquets of flowers and children’s drawings of Missy covering the walls. 

PA Images/Sipa USA

“It made my day when I visited to see you at the bus stop,” reads one of the dozens of notes left behind for Missy. “You always liked having your ears tickled and you were good company while I waited for my bus. Forever missed.”

The funds raised by Cockram have gone to make a permanent plaque in remembrance of “Bus Stop Cat,” any remaining donations with be giving to local animal charities.