January 22, 2016 07:05 PM

When Gloria first laid eyes on Phoenix on the news she thought to herself, “We’re kindred spirits.”

She wasn’t the only one with that thought.

Gloria’s daughter also heard the news about the injured kitten, who was found outside of a laundry room with burns all over her body, and called her mom to say, “Mom, this is the cat for you.”

When another friend emailed Gloria to fill her in on Phoenix, Gloria knew what she had to do.

“When something is meant to be, the world gets real small,” she tells the Dumb Friends League, who treated the kitten last November after she was discovered. They believe the cat’s injuries were caused by the dryer she hid under to stay warm.

Gloria, who was 16-years-old when she was involved in a household accident that left her face, neck and hands seriously burned, is now the proud new owner of Phoenix. Both share a tragic story that has clearly brought them together.

According to Dumb Friends, veterinarians performed surgery on Phoenix to remove her burned skin, reconstructed her ears and wrapped her scorched paw pads to prevent infection. Phoenix spent two months recovering in a foster home, where she healed both physically and emotionally from her ordeal.

Gloria, who plans to rename the feline Rosebud, was hospitalized for a month after her accident and still has scars from her ordeal. The rescue group, Facebook community and beyond are thrilled that the pair now have each other.

“Walking into the room and seeing Gloria with Phoenix curled up and purring in her lap, you could tell there was an instant connection,” public relations manager Megan Rees tells PEOPLE in an email. “We knew Phoenix would need a very special home and we are so honored that we could help bring these two together. As pet owners, we all share a special bond with our animals, and this story is such a powerful reminder of what we can give to each other.”


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