Burger King Introduces the Whopper for Dogs (or 'Dogpper') for Delivery Customers

The Dogpper is a dog bone full of the Whopper's flame-grilled flavor

Dog WhopperCourtesy Burger King

Burger King‘s famous flame-grilled taste has found a new audience.

The fast food chain introduced the world to the ‘Dogpper’ on Wednesday. This Whopper for dogs isn’t a smaller version of BK’s beloved burger, but instead is a dog bone flavored with the signature sandwich’s “flame-grilled taste.”

Dogppers will be available to all canines with owners who order Burger King delivery through DoorDash. Anyone who uses the site or app to order a Whopper will have the option to have a Dogpper delivered as well, free of charge.

A Burger King rep says the chain was inspired to create the burger-y bone after hearing from dog owners trying to get some peace and quiet during their Whopper feasts.

Dog WhopperCourtesy Burger King

“The Burger King brand knows that dog owners often deal with their furry friend begging for food when they order delivery. Many dog owners have even admitted to sharing part of their meal with them. That’s why Burger King is providing a solution for customers who want to enjoy their order at home without interruption from their pets,” the company said in a statement announcing the Dogpper’s release.

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Dog dads and mom need to act fast, though; Dogppers are only available through DoorDash Burger King deliveries that include a Whopper until Dec. 4. To get this delicious doggy deal, go to DoorDash, place your Burger King delivery order and use promo code DOGPPER at check out.

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