Bunny and Beagle Best Friends Love to 'Cuddle Together' and Explore the World Side By Side

Rue the rabbit and Chloe the dog had an instant connection thanks to their complementary personalities

Photo: Caters News Agency

You’ve heard of the fox and the hound; now there is the beagle and the bunny.

Chloe the beagle dog, 6, and Rue the rabbit, 1, are unlikely best friends living in Seattle.

The pair, who also live with another bunny and two guinea pigs, hit it off instantly because of their complementary personalities, the pets’ owner, Megan Cottone, told the Daily Mail.

Rue is rather outgoing and trusting for a bunny and Chloe is especially patient and calm, making the pair a perfect match. Together, the friends go on adventures in harnesses, snuggle up in the same bed and just generally stay by each other’s side.

“They love to sleep and cuddle together,” Cottone told the outlet. “But they also go on a lot of trips to explore the world.”

The animals are also fiercely loyal to one another. Chloe once protected Rue from a pack of dogs looking to pick up the rabbit as a snack. The beagle stepped in front of the other dogs and scuffled with the canines until Rue was able to get to safety. Both of the besties walked away from the encounter unharmed.

Animal lovers who have fallen for these furry friends can keep up with Chloe and Rue on their Instagram account, where they share photos of their snuggle sessions, road trips and more. Chloe and Rue have over 22,000 followers on Instagram @thebeagleandthebun.

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