Missouri pup is recovering at a foster home after being found injured under a pickup truck

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated September 14, 2009 04:56 PM

It’s no accident that a yellow Lab mix in Missouri has been dubbed Bullet. The adorable dog most certainly earned his moniker after he was shot four times and, amazingly, survived!

Sue Manion, who runs Safehaven animal rescue in Missouri, told PEOPLE Pets she received a call about a month ago about a bleeding dog sitting in front of the sheriff’s office in Cameron, Mo. When she arrived she found the injured pup underneath a nearby pickup truck and when she eventually coaxed him out she discovered that he had a major hole in his shoulder and also appeared to have bullet wounds in the top of his head, ear and neck.

“We don’t know who shot him or why,” says Manion. “In rural communities it’s not unusual for people to shoot dogs who go on their property, but it’s more unusual for it to happen in town.”

Manion rushed the dog to a local vet, who determined he was most likely shot four times. Fortunately, X-rays revealed that none of the bullets remained in his body and he did not require surgery. However, he clearly needed some TLC, so Manion took him to the Cameron City Shelter before bringing him to her own home as she gave him his antibiotics and tended to his wounds. She says caring for him was no chore.

“He’s really easy to bond with,” says Manion. “He’s extremely intelligent. He can sit, shake, stay. I assume he is probably the perfect dog. He walks with a loose leash, he’s house trained and loves cats, dogs and people.”

Although Manion is exceptionally fond of Bullet, she already has seven dogs of her own and no room for another. To get him adopted, she contacted Wayside Waifs, a no-kill shelter in Kansas City, who agreed to take him in and find him a home. However, poor Bullet encountered another setback when he arrived last week. A test revealed he has a serious case of heartworm, and cannot be put up for adoption until he is treated.

Manion has agreed to take Bullet back home for the next couple of weeks while he receives heartworm treatment and recuperates. Everyone is hopeful he will make a full recovery, and Manion says the dog will make a terrific addition to any family once he is ready for adoption.

“I have not seen anybody who met this dog who did not fall in love,” she gushed. “He has a personality that is to die for. He’s just wonderful.”