Buff Model Trains with His Adorable Cat to Stay Fit

Dog may be man's best friend, but cat is his greatest workout buddy

Dog may be man’s best friend, but cat is his greatest workout buddy.

Model Travis DesLaurier proved this point with a video on his Instagram page. Shirtless, shining and sporting a trendy haircut, DesLaurier looks like many gorgeous fitness models — except for one difference: Hanging around the man’s neck is DesLaurier’s favorite workout tool, his cat, Jacob.

The handsome and calm orange tabby doesn’t stay draped like a scarf for long, though; soon he is subbing in for dumb bells and medicine balls as DesLaurier breezes through a quick workout.

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Jacob appears to enjoy spotting his owner, keeping a relaxed look on his face throughout the routine.


If you couldn’t tell by this clip, Jacob and DesLaurier are total bros. The model loves posing with his furry friend, taking him on adventures and even has a new tattoo of the feline featured on his bulging muscles.

Along with having a starring role on his owner’s social accounts, Jacob also has his own Facebook page full of adorable shots.

These two hunks have a beautiful, buff future together.

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