Bryce Dallas Howard: Should We Get a Dog or Cat?

The actress can't decide between a canine or another feline for her pet-loving son

When it comes to picking the perfect second pet for her family, Bryce Dallas Howard is at a bit of a loss. Last month, the actress told PEOPLE she was debating whether to get a dog. Now her focus has switched toward the feline side.

“We have a cat, her name is Sophia,” Howard explained to on Sunday at the New York Film Festival premiere of her new film, Hereafter. “She’s an Abyssinian that we adopted. We’re thinking of getting her a kitten that my son could call [his] ‘own.’ But he feels like [Sophia] is his.”

Still, 3 1/2-year-old Theo isn’t letting down on the pooch pressure. “He has a very strong point of view of life, and there’s a lot of negotiating for a puppy,” Howard told PEOPLE in September. “He said he would be fully responsible for training the puppy. I don’t know why he thinks he has the capacity to do that!”

So is the family going to the dogs? “Well, we are thinking about it,” the actress admitted. “Maybe for his fourth birthday. We’ll see!”

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