Aquarists help keep the creatures temperature-stabilized in Florida

By People Staff
Updated January 11, 2010 12:45 PM

It’s been a cold few days in the U.S. – even Key West dipped below 50 degrees on Friday! – so it’s no surprise that animals are feeling the chill, as well. But it’s definitely not a good thing for some creatures, like the endangered green sea turtles, who required rescuing in Florida last week.

On Wednesday, workers from Orlando’s SeaWorld took in more than two-dozen of the animals from Mosquito Lagoon, Fla., in an effort to protect them from the state’s frigid temps. The turtles were suffering from a “cold stun,” and required thawing via lamps, blankets and warm fluids. Luckily, aquarists like Jenny Albert (pictured) were on hand to help the little guys, and will nurse the reptilian refugees back to health before releasing them back into the wild.

This “influx” of turtles marks more than 1,000 rescues for the park’s Sea Turtle Rescue Program since its inception in 1980.