The council who voted to remove Browser from the library received angry emails from around the world

Credit: John L. Mone/AP

Browser the cat is back to hitting the books.

The grey tabby worked at the White Settlement Public Library in Texas until a motion by the local government removed him from his position, according to ABC News.

The White Settlement city council originally chose to remove the cat from the library several weeks ago, but the decision received a staggering amount of backlash. The council members were sent scathing letters and emails from every corner of the world, stretching all the way to Australia.

Browser was welcomed to the library six years ago to help with a rodent problem and stayed on staff. The council ultimately decided to vote on the feline’s removal, after several locals complained about Browser’s interference with their cat allergies.

Now, Elzie Clements, the council member who originally presented the motion to remove Browser, is the one responsible for introducing the motion to give the cat his job back.

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“It was a waste of time and money. It was ridiculous to do that and they did it without thinking ahead,” Mayor Ron White told ABC. “It was absolutely wrong to begin with.”

White Settlement citizens are happy to have their Browser pawing among the stacks once more.

The library recently added a humidifier to the facility to help combat any allergens Browser way leave behind.