Dorota Trec may avoid two years in prison based on the results of a mental health evaluation
Credit: Pulperm Phungprachit/EyeEm/Getty

Trec, who served as her own counsel, may avoid punishment for the cruelty case based on the results of a recent psychiatric evaluation.

The results of the court-order psych exam won’t be released until Feb. 24, but Trec believes now that she will avoid the two years of jail time that came with her sentence.

“I think this is leading to not putting me in prison,” Trec, 36, told the New York Post.

The woman, who was irresponsibly breeding 125 bunnies, said she thinks she will receive treatment from a psychologist instead of going to prison.

Judge Curtis Farber ordered the psych evaluation after the three-week trial, saying while he handed out Trec’s sentence that he was worried the woman may have “serious mental health issues.”

Trec, who doesn’t agree that she may be mentally ill, told the Post that she plans to continue collecting rabbits, regardless of the outcome of the results.

“I am always going to have animals around. Who can stop me? They will have to put me in jail,” she said. “If [Judge Farber] puts me in prison, I will continue to work on plans.”

Trec currently owes money to the ASPCA who seized, housed and adopted out the 90 bunnies removed from Trec’s yard after her arrest.