Brodie the 'Wonky'-Faced Dog Finds a Loving Home After Initial Owners Returned Him to Shelter

The German shepherd/Border collie mix was attacked by his mother after birth, leaving him with severe deformities

This unique looking rescue dog is getting a second chance at finding his forever home.

Brodie the German shepherd/Border collie mix didn’t have an easy pup-hood — at only 13 days old, his mother bit his head, leaving him with several deformities and a partially blind eye, the New York Post reported.

The pooch’s injuries stunted development on one side of his face, giving him a “wonky” appearance, his new owners Amanda Richter, 30, and her boyfriend Brad Ames, 23 told news agency South West News Service.

Regardless of his looks, the shelter where Brodie was born received tons of applications for the dog which brought him to his first family.

wonky dog

After only five months, Brodie’s initial family returned him to the shelter complaining he was “too hyper.”

Soon after, Richter and Ames visited Brodie at Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, after seeing his photos online and “ended up bringing [Brodie] home the same day,” Richter said.

“We met him, took him for a walk and hung out with him for a few hours,” she added, gushing it was “love at first sight.”

While Richter agreed that the pup is “definitely hyper” she told the outlet about how “intelligent” Brodie can be.

“His brain is perfectly fine and he learns tricks within 10 minutes usually, which tells me he is a smart boy,” she said.

She explained that all Brodie needed was “patience and someone to be consistent,” sharing that he continues to “get better every week.”

“He has no idea he looks different,” Richter said, recalling how happy her dog is running and playing with others at the dog park.

Richter told SWNS that she and Ames hope Brodie can work as a therapy dog and use his differences to “help other people with disabilities.”

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