July 29, 2015 06:00 PM

Owls have long been regarded as the wisest of animals, from centuries-old folktales to Harry Potter.

But Yoda the owl may be the very first to earn book-borrowing privileges.

Yoda, a regular fixture at London’s University of Bath, is brought to the campus twice a week to scare away seagulls. Earlier this month, the university awarded the 7-year-old bird with his very own library card.


“The University has invited Yoda and his handler Marcus to visit the campus twice a week as an environmentally friendly method to control the seagull numbers on campus and thereby limit the potential adverse effects a large gull population can have,” a University of Bath spokesperson told Mashable in a statement.

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“In recognition of his valuable service to the campus, the Library Management team has issued him with his own library card.”


Next step? Awarding him an actual teaching position to match the “prof” designation on his card.

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