The 5-year-old American bulldog could be pregnant after the cat flap fiasco

November 17, 2015 09:04 PM

Keeta the dog could be pregnant after this cat flap fiasco.


The 5-year-old American bulldog from Leicestershire, England, who is in heat, stuck her head through the cat flap in her home when a male dog entered her back garden, according to BBC News.

The determined pup ripped the cat flap clear off the door while trying to free herself and allowed the other pup to come indoors for a date. When the dog’s owner realized what happened, they had to call the fire department, who removed the cat flap from the bulldog’s head.

While Keeta’s owner thinks the dog just wanted to play with the other pup, the family is now waiting to see if their pooch is expecting puppies.

“We don’t know whether they’ve done anything or not,” said owner Nigel Page. “She had that thing stuck on her head so she might not have been in a good mood. I opened the back door and the other dog legged it.”

The Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service Tweeted about the comical rescue on Monday, sharing the funny pic of Keeta wearing the cat flap on her head.

“Slightly unusual animal rescue this morning,” read the tweet. “Dog now released from cat flap & happy #woof #notjustfires”


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