British Duck Walks, Plays Like a Pooch

Essy the white Pekin domestic duck plays with her pit-mix brothers and goes to pubs.

Raised alongside two dogs, Essy, a white Pekin domestic duck, now thinks she’s a dog, too. She goes for walks on a leash and special harness, plays ball in the yard, and sleeps with her two canine friends in the coastal resort town of Bournemouth in England. Steph and Tony Tufft say that far from thinking of Essy as prey, the two pit mixes, Rachka and DD, are protective of Essy, who waddles between them on walks.

Essy has become a local celebrity, going to pubs and frequent walks around town. “It’s as if Brad Pitt was walking on the lead, the amount of people that come out,” says Steph, who adds that Essy feels left out if she can’t go along on the dogs’ outings.

In May the couple got eight-week-old Essy from Cherry Valley, a farm that normally raises ducks to be eaten, not named, pampered and loved. Since then she’s become so much part of their family, she even went to their wedding, where they had a duck figurine on the cake.

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