'Britain's Loneliest Dog' Is Still Searching for a Loving Home After Four Years in Shelter

Sue the dog arrived at Bath Cats and Dogs Home in August 2017 as a puppy and has spent almost her entire life at the shelter

dog needs home
Photo: SWNS

A plea has been issued to help find a four-year-old pooch dubbed "Britain's loneliest dog" a home — as she has spent virtually all her life living in kennels.

Sue, a lurcher dog, was only a tiny puppy when she arrived at Bath Cats and Dogs Home in August 2017.

Briefly adopted in 2018, Sue was unfortunately returned to the shelter because of changes in her new owner's circumstances that made keeping her too difficult.

Staff at the shelter remain perplexed that Sue hasn't been chosen by new owners and has made it their goal to get her into a new home by the end of the year.

They believe hesitation may stem from Sue's needs, which the kennel staff describe as "challenging behaviors" but ones that are entirely workable with patience, training, and care.

Describing her as very affectionate and sweet, Vanessa Langford, spokesperson for Bath Cats and Dogs Home, told SWNS, "All of our animal care team love her. She's really people-focused, she loves toys, and she's very social. She won't sit in a corner and not do a lot.

dog needs home

"The other really nice thing about her is that she's clever. She likes to learn new stuff. She can already do things like paw and sit. She loves learning because it's human interaction," she added. "She definitely has some challenging behaviors, so she will need an experienced owner, but it's sad because she's such a sweet dog."

Unfortunately, though, Sue cannot live with children or other animals, making it more difficult to find a place for her to go as a forever home. She also requires a muzzle while out walking like many lurchers.

She needs an "experienced and patient" owner with a secure garden so that she cannot jump out.

Langford said many people inquired about providing Sue a home, but none of the adoption applications have worked out yet.

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"We've had loads of people call in wanting to give her a home. But there's no point calling if you've got children or other dogs," she said. "People are being really lovely and want her, but we can't take that risk of her getting over-excited with another dog or child, that way, it wouldn't be her fault.

"The last thing we want is her coming back again. She has a great home here, but we know that she would be much happier with someone elsewhere she can chill out," Langford added. "She is an affectionate girl and loves a cuddle on the sofa just as much as she loves playing with her toys."

You can put yourself up as a candidate to take this dog or other dogs in need at rehoming@bcdh.org.uk.

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