Ulric is hoping to whittle himself down to 13 lbs.

June 11, 2013 06:35 PM

It’s a weighty issue: At 27 in., Ulric’s waist is as big as that of a human. And at 30 lbs., he struggles to clean himself and can barely walk. Yep, he’s a cat – and his growing size is earning him an increasing amount of attention abroad.

When he was declared morbidly obese by a vet, his owner, Jan Mitchell, decided she had to do something drastic. So she entered Ulric, who is believed to be the largest feline in Great Britain, into a pet fitness competition run by the PDSA animal charity, and he’s now on a diet, according to the Daily Mail.

“He is a lovely cat but he’s just very greedy and lazy,” said Mitchell, who adds that Ulric – who is the biggest cat the PDSA has ever had in their annual competition – is always stealing his sister Ulla’s food. “He doesn’t do any exercise and spends all day lying around.”

But now all that has changed thanks to a strict, six-month diet plan, which requires that Ulric’s food be weighed and that Ulla’s food be moved to a place where her brother can’t reach it. His goal weight is 13 lbs.

Though his appearance can be funny, the pudgy puss’s condition is no laughing matter. His morbid obesity “can have very serious consequences for his health and life expectancy,” said PDSA nurse Stella Hughes.

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