'Funny and Sweet' Golden Retriever Joins Couple for Their First Dance at Wedding — Watch

When Bear the golden retriever saw his pet parents were sharing a moment without him on their wedding day, the dog decided to invite himself into the couple's first dance

Bear the golden retriever is one of the cutest third wheels around.

On Feb. 22, the "funny and sweet" dog decided to become a part of his pet parents' wedding by inviting himself into the bride and groom's first dance.

Stephanie and Greg Chabursky of Ottawa, Canada, welcomed the pooch into their home in 2020, taking in the dog as a 6.6-pound puppy.

"We started training him the first day we got him, and after about two weeks of us having him, he knew about ten tricks," Stephanie told PEOPLE about the pooch.

Today, Bear is a bit bigger, over a year old, and a pivotal part of his pet parents' lives, so there was no question that the dog would be part of Stephanie and Greg's wedding.

"We had our intimate ceremony Feb. 22, 2022, at city hall with a dinner at my parent's house with only 11 of our closest family and friends. Bear was wearing his 'best dog' bandana and enjoyed everyone's company," Stephanie said.

At the dinner, when the newlyweds decided to share their first dance, Bear decided that he should be part of the moment too.

"Bear was the one who decided to join us. Anytime Greg and I hug at home, he jumps up on us, asking us to join our hug. This was no different during our first dance. He jumped up on Greg and asked to join us. Greg picked him up as per usual and put him right between us, and that's when Bear just cuddled in and enjoyed the dance," Stephanie said of the adorable moment.

A bridesmaid caught the dance between the trio —which can be viewed above — on camera, so the couple shared the moment on TikTok.

"Once we posted the video on TikTok, it went viral. Understandably, millions of people loved watching our first dance with Bear as much as we did," the bride, a registered nurse at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, added.

According to Stephanie, after his "calm and comfortable" first dance, Bear spent the rest of the wedding "being with all his closest friends," napping, dancing, and playing.

dog first dance wedding

The golden retriever will enjoy even more wedding bliss when Greg and Stephanie host a larger celebration in September. Bear is set to be the ring bearer at this upcoming ceremony and "will most likely" join the couple's first dance again.

Bear has plenty of his own to celebrate. The canine recently completed therapy dog training and will soon start visiting retirement homes, hospitals, universities, ambulance bays, fire stations, and more to soothe others and make them smile.

"Bear makes us so happy and makes our bad days better in a matter of seconds, so we knew we wanted to share that with others who don't have the chance to own a dog," Stephanie said.

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