February 28, 2017 12:31 PM

Cheers are definitely in order!

A brewery in Budapest, Hungary, is giving personalized crates of beer to people who adopt a dog from the Noe Animal Sanctuary, according to Global News, which reported the story.

Tamas Szilagyi, who runs the Mad Scientist Brewery, came up with the idea as a way to promote adoption from the sanctuary, which has been taking in animals since 1992.

“We wanted to draw people’s attention, that sanctuary dogs are not worse, they are not waste you throw out,” Szilagyi told Global News.

When a pup is adopted, the brewery gives the new pet parent a crate of beer that coordinates nicely with the dog’s looks and personality.

Some of the pairings for dogs still available for adoption can be seen on the brewery’s Facebook page, like Little Jani, a “handsome and extravagant” canine who suits a light wheat beer with a vanilla twist (obviously, the brews are meant for the owners, not the dogs!).

“Thank you for her,” wrote one woman on Facebook, who apparently adopted a dog through the campaign, “and [for] the divine beer everyone!”

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