October 15, 2012 08:00 PM

Brett Michaels is a lover of all things furry … even if the thing has fangs.

“I have two German shepherds, horses, cats – and a bobcat!” the Poison front man told PEOPLE at the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice press conference in New York on Friday.

“There’s this bobcat that lives near my property,” explained Michaels, who Tweeted a picture of the big cat outside his Arizona home. “He just walks by and I’m like, ‘Hey, how you doing.’”

Michaels knows animals, and, as the designer of the PetSmart Pets Rock collection, he even dresses them. He joked that he would soon be dressing wildcats.

“I m working on the big Bobcat collection lol,” he Tweeted.

By all accounts, the new neighbor is harmless. “He doesn’t do anything,” Michaels said. “My dogs are about the same size.”

Aside from a friendly greeting (from afar), Michaels steers clear of the bobcat, and definitely doesn’t feed him: “Not at all!” he assured. “I don’t want to feed him me, either!”

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