Brave Groomer Turns Cat Into a Green Dragon

A cat's new 'do is attracting a lot of attention in Russia and beyond

It isn’t easy being green.

Just ask this cat, who has undergone a complete transformation into a mystical green dragon in Russia.

Ekaterina Aidimirova is also the owner of a dog who has been fashioned into a bumblebee by the same groomer, Daria Gotz. She tells she decided to change her pup’s look because she was dog-tired of the pet’s regular fur.

“It was boring so we decided to make our dog bright, summery, adorable, and dyed her hair like a bee – a colorful look,” she said.

Aidimirova said the pup’s new hairstyle is definitely attracting attention. “The first reaction from people is probably shock, because people see a dog colored like this for the first time. Joy, delight – children like it a lot!” she said. It was only a matter of time before her cat got a makeover too.

Gotz is just one of a small group of groomers who enjoy fashioning furry friends into wild animals. Last year, Animal Planet profiled one Arkansas groomer who boasted that she could turn dogs “into almost anything.” A muppet, a panda, and an owl are just some of the wacky creations that popped up at creative grooming conventions photographed by Ren Netherland in 2012.

While Gotz maintains the process of coloring this dog and cat’s fur is “absolutely pet-friendly,” a spokesman for the RSPCA told the U.K.’s Daily Mail that the dyes could be harmful. “Cats are highly fastidious creatures and will groom any substance from their coats to keep themselves clean,” he said. “Having an unwanted substance in their coat could lead them to ingest the dye.”

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