The actor goes wild with a funky 'do and a big cat to film a new Dax Shepard project

There really is a tiger in all of us, even Bradley Cooper.

The actor, looking unrecognizable, was spotted Tuesday cradling a big cat, but it wasn’t for the next installment of The Hangover franchise. Cooper is working on a new project by Dax Shepard, and is sporting a soul patch and dreadlocks on set. RELATED: Bradley Cooper: Love Me, Love My Dogs

Cooper, a noted dog lover who’s also worked closely with a tiger and a capuchin monkey, spent his down time getting to know the 2-month-old tiger cub, whose name is Anastasia.

“He just took her and she immediately fell in love with him,” says Anastasia’s caretaker, Karl Mitchell of Big Cat Encounter. “He has some kind of an animal connection inside of him that’s fairly obvious.”

Perhaps there’s a cameo in store for her in the next Hangover movie.

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