5-Year-Old 'Marries' His Beloved Senior Dog to Prove His Devotion: 'I Love Her to Infinity'

The groom wore rain boots and the bride carried a stick

boy marries dog
Photo: Robin Lipe

Robin Lipe admits her five-year-old son has always been the sweetest of her three kids, so when he asked to marry one of the family’s two dogs, she was surprised, but not totally shocked.

"Jack, he’s our middle child and we have always said since he was born that he has the sweetest soul. Little things like this just prove it," Lipe said.

When Jack first brought up the idea to his mom she assumed he’d forget about it, but was moved by his rationale.

"He said, 'Mom I love Skyler so much I want to marry her!' I don’t know where he got the idea, but he said 'I can’t wait to marry her until I’m a grown-up because she won’t be alive anymore.'"

Skyler is a Labrador retriever mix that Robin and her husband Scott rescued from the pound shortly after they got married ten years ago.

Jack told PEOPLE, "She’s just so fluffy and I love to lay around with her. If you put your face close to her she licks you. I love her to infinity!"

It had rained for days in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the family lives, and Jack told his mom he wanted to wait for a sunny day so they could have the wedding in the backyard.

"I thought the whole thing was a little weird, but when he woke up on Saturday and said 'Okay mom, it's sunny out,' and we weren’t doing anything because of the pandemic so I thought, 'Why not?' Lipe said. "I put on a dress for the first time in two and a half months and got his little blazer out of the closet for him to wear.”

Jack completed his outfit with shorts (that he wore backward) and rain boots, and he and his mom picked flowers from the front yard for him to carry and gave Skyler a stick to hold.

Jack said of the moment, "I just wanted to look cute."

Robin played the wedding march on her phone and the little boy and his dog walked down a makeshift aisle in the backyard. His dad and younger sister, 20-month old Birdie, were standing by.

"I thought Birdie would be a bridesmaid, but she was eating chalk at the time and didn’t seem interested," Lipe shared with a laugh.

Jack’s older brother Hunter wasn’t having any of it.

During the unconventional ceremony, the seven-year-old said, "You can’t marry your sister!"

"The last few months have been so hard. He hasn’t been able to see his friends or play soccer, go to school, play on the playground so if he wants to marry the dog, it’s silly but it makes us happy," the mom of three said.

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