Bowie captured the internet's imagination with her different-colored eyes, the effect of a condition called hetereochromia.

By Alex Heigl
Updated September 15, 2016 12:12 PM
Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Bowie is a very special koala. She’s got different-colored eyes (one blue, one brown), and her name is a nod to David Bowie’s own set of peepers, one of which had a permanently dilated pupil thanks to a childhood injury.

Bowie the koala, not the singer, launched into the international spotlight when she was first brought to The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit after bing hit by a car. Her beautiful eyes — the result of a condition called heterochromia that develops because of a recessive gene from her parents — quickly captured the hearts and minds of animal lovers the world over. But now, after two months of recovery, we have to set something we love free. She’s been returned to the bush in southeast Queensland, near where she was recovered.

“It only took one look at Bowie to realize how special she is,” the zoo’s Richard Jackson told Mashable. “What’s even more special, though, is the fact that she gets to go back out into the wild a healthy koala who can contribute to the declining south east Queensland koala population.”

We’d also like to believe — and please don’t contradict us — that once Bowie reaches the end of her physical lifespan, she’ll ascend to the stars where she can reconnect with her namesake, as the two live out eternity, their eyes twinkling like the stars they now call their peers.