Bottle Toppers Help Quench Your Dog's Thirst

Bottle topper makes drinking on the go easy for thirsty pups.

After a long day at the dog park, all you want is a cold bottle of water – and that’s what your dog wants, too! Since pups can’t drink from bottles the way we can, there’s the Pet Top portable drinking device ($7.95), which makes sipping a snap for dogs. The small orange contraptions screw onto the top of any standard water bottle (there’s a special adaptor for new, slimmer water bottles, too), and have a roller-ball on top that your dog licks, producing a small stream of water they can lap up. (Hint: Putting a touch of peanut butter on the top can entice dogs to take a drink.) All you have to do is hold the bottle upside-down – your dog will do the rest.

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