December 15, 2015 10:14 PM

Boston Police are hoping the public will help them find a missing coworker.

Her name is SWAT cat, and she’s a stray cat that joined the Boston Police Department in 2013 when she began prowling around the Boston Police Special Weapons and Tactics base, according to a Facebook post.

“You pull into the driveway and hope she will come running across the parking lot,” Officer Evon Burroughs told The Boston Globe, who did a lengthy story on the much-loved feline. “She had become part of the family. But it’s sad, she’s not there. It’s like going to work and not seeing a well-liked coworker.”

The calico cat, who loved rolling over for belly rubs and ate dinner with the unit, went missing approximately three weeks ago. The unit adopted the female cat not long after she appeared at the department’s Special Operations Unit headquarters on Warren Avenue in Roxbury, the newspaper said.
“She was always cracking us up,” said Burroughs. “If you had time off in the summer days and went outside, she would come down and sit next to you.”

A welcome reprieve from the intensity of police work, SWAT cat was cared for and fed by the officers, who designated a heated shelter for her outside their building.

The cat was spayed and microchipped at the Animal Rescue League of Boston clinic, and Burroughs is hoping that microchip will help bring her back to them.
“That would be awesome,” he added. “She was like the unit’s pet. She was just nice to have around.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Boston Police at (617) 343-4520.


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