Booster Seat Gives Little Dogs View Of World Passing By

Little dogs finally get a chance to see the world with the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat for your car.

Little dogs everywhere, this is your lucky day. No longer need you envy all those haughty Weimaraners and Great Danes who get to ride in the front seat of cars and stick their heads out the passenger window (with their manes blowing in the wind like fashion models–oh, they think they’re so cool, don’t they?). Now you, too, tiny Shih Tzus and puny Pekingese, can get out of the back seat, sit up front next to mommy or daddy and finally see the world–thanks to the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat.

It’s a sturdy, cushioned container, roughly the size of a hatbox, that straps tightly to the upper half of any front passenger seat. Dog owners can simply plop their small pooches in the skybox (please, no pups over 30 lbs) and attach the dog’s harness to an adjustable tether. The two-fold benefit: runts can ride next to the driver without the risk of getting tossed around, and they can see out the windows because they’re elevated. I took my two Chihuahuas, Lady and She She, for a trial spin in the Kurgo Skybox and they loved it. How do I know? They didn’t bark or yelp a single time, like they usually do when they’re stuck in the back and feeling left out.

I worry a little about putting my dogs in the path of an airbag, but certainly the Skybox is much safer than having them ride unattached or on someone’s lap (if you like, you can strap the Skybox to a back seat, too). This isn’t the first car carrier I’ve tried–most of the others have been too flimsy or complicated to be of much use. But the Kurgo Skybox, available online for $63, is solidly-built, a cinch to attach and collapsible for easy storage. Lady and She She may never feel quite like fashion models when I take them for a drive, but thanks to the Skybox they don’t have to take a back seat to big dogs anymore.

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