Bonded Shelter Dogs Have Hotel Sleepover in Matching Pajamas to Attract Potential Adopters

"Their future family should be prepared to be smothered by two affectionate wrinkly potatoes!" City Dogs Cleveland wrote about the adoptable pair.

adoptable dogs
Photo: City Dogs Cleveland/Facebook

Niles and Frasier are looking for their forever home — together!

The two adorable shelter dogs have formed a strong bond during their time at the City Dogs Cleveland animal shelter, so the facility is working to get the canine friends adopted together by a loving family.

To attract potential adopters for the pair — and to give Niles and Frasier a holiday treat – the shelter took the two pups on a sweet sleepover at a nearby hotel, dressing them up in "matching jammies" for the field trip.

"Niles and Frasier, our resident bonded brothers seeking a home together, were busted out of the kennel by two volunteers for a sleepover in their very own hotel room, and they had a blast!" the shelter wrote on Facebook.

While at the hotel, the two dogs cuddled together, while still "making time for some silly antics and exploring," City Dogs added.

adoptable dogs
City Dogs Cleveland/Facebook

"The short story about their trip is that Niles and Frasier are both very good boys who are clearly meant to be together. They so obviously love each other's company and get along great!" the shelter wrote. "At the kennel, Niles and Frasier do a lot of wrassling [sic] and playing together."

"Their future family should be prepared to be smothered by two affectionate wrinkly potatoes! Once they settle into the routine, it seems like the boys will be pretty good in the home," the facility added.

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City Dogs assures anyone interested in the pups that they "enjoy meeting new people and are quick to make friends." The dogs were also described as "generally polite and easy to manage."

adoptable dogs
City Dogs Cleveland/Facebook

"Frasier can get a little over-excited but settles down nicely. Both were very tolerant of bath time, and did well in the car once they got the hang of the whole moving vehicle thing," the shelter said.

"Niles and Frasier are two good boys patiently holding out for a home they can share together," City Dogs added. "We think they will bring a lot of love and entertainment to their forever home! The boys are estimated to be around 5 years old, and each weighs around 50 lbs."

Anyone interested in this inseparable pooch pair can set up a meet and greet through City Dogs.

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