Bomb-Sniffing Dog Named in Honor of 9/11 Hero Adorably Snores Away After Keeping Airport Safe

This video of a TSA bomb-detection dog is so cute, it’s off the leash!

On Wednesday, the Transportation Security Administration popular Instagram shared an adorable video of an explosives detection canine, named Ttirado, enjoying a well-deserved slumber. The Black Labrador has been working to help keep the Indianapolis International Airport safe since 2014.

“Work like a dog. Sleep like a human,” the agency captioned the footage. “Good boy, Ttirado. You’ve earned your zzzzzzz’s.”

Ttirado is one of many dogs at Indianapolis International Airport trained to detect explosive odor and follow it to its source.

While Ttirado’s shut-eye will brighten any ruff day, the story of how he got his unique name is even more heartwarming.

“If you’re wondering about the strange spelling of Ttirado’s name, the double first letter signifies that the canine was named after a 9/11 victim. In this case, Ttirado was named after Hector Luis Tirado, FDNY Engine 23,” the TSA explained.

The 30-year-old former EMT and Army veteran became the legal guardian to his three younger siblings after his parents died when he was a teenager. He was also a father to two of his own children.

“Hector was used to challenges and the responsibility of caring for others,” according to an obituary shared by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Tirado was honored on the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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