'Bobcat' Spotted in Penn. School, Prompting an Evacuation, Revealed to Be a Lost House Cat

Volunteers at a local animal shelter determined that the cat that caused a stir at West Scranton High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a Clouded Jack — an exotic cat breed that resembles a bobcat

Talk about a cat-astrophe!

On Tuesday morning, students at the West Scranton High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, were dismissed from classes after school officials spotted what they thought was a bobcat loose in the building, according to ABC affiliate WNEP-TV.

The bobcat, however, turned out to be nothing more than a missing house cat that had wandered into the school.

Speaking with WNEP-TV ahead of the discovery that the animal was just an ordinary feline, Scranton School District Superintendent Melissa McTiernan said, "I don't think anyone would have predicted this, of course, but again, our staff and students did a wonderful job not reacting, just quietly got out of the building and we will let the professionals, animal control, do their job."

In a tweet, WNEP-TV reporter Stacy Lange shared an image of the cat taken from school surveillance footage.

After wildlife officials spent nearly two full hours searching for the animal inside the high school, they found the creature and quickly realized it was a harmless but unique-looking house cat.

"It looks, I mean, identical. [It has] the colors of a bobcat; it's missing a tail," Game Warden Jon Bowman told WNEP-TV. "So just err on the side of caution. We wanted to make sure all the students are safe, and staff are safe."

Once officials found the cat, they brought it to a local animal shelter, where volunteers discovered that the feline is a Clouded Jack — an exotic cat breed that resembles the boat.

Thanks to the cat's microchip, the shelter was able to reunite the pet, named Kashi, with its family, who expressed their regret at the commotion Kashi caused.

"Had us for a little bit of a run around town, trying to follow up leads and stuff, and then behold, he's at West [Scranton High School!]," owner Sheanine Johnson said, per WNEP-TV. "So, sorry, guys."

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