The First Dog hits the runway on his latest jaunt

Do his eyes light up at the sight of the tarmac? Do his ears perk up at the sound of the chopper blades spinning? Bo Obama may be young, but this well-traveled and well-heeled pooch sure knows his way around the country’s air stations!

On Sunday, the First Dog was escorted onto Air Force One in Massachusetts, where he and his family had just wrapped up a 10-day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. They then headed to New Orleans, where President Obama and the First Lady helped mark the five years of recovery since Hurricane Katrina. (Alas, no shrimp po’boys for Bo!)

It’s been a great summer for Bo, who has tagged along for trips to Maine and Chicago, too. Soon the perky Portuguese water dog will have to say goodbye to all that gallivanting. The President and his family are now back at the White House, and with Sasha and Malia heading back to school, the First Dog will have to wait a while before he can put his paws on another sandy beach. Until next year!