October 10, 2012 06:45 PM

It’s the campaign homestretch, but the Obama girls didn’t let that stop them from throwing their favorite dog a birthday party.

Five of Sasha and Malia’s dog-owning friends brought their pups to the White House on Monday’s no-school holiday for a pre-birthday playdate with Bo, who turned 4 on Tuesday.

“Mrs. Obama and the girls sang him ‘Happy Birthday,’” a White House source tells PEOPLE. “There were doggy treats and toys and running around on the South Lawn.”

And the birthday celebrations didn’t stop there. On Tuesday, the Obama campaign released a video in which the President and First Lady laughed about who has the best relationship with the First Dog.

“She’s the boss when it comes to Bo,” the President said.

But not when it comes to the couch. “He always looks at Barack before he jumps on the couch, to figure out whether, ‘Is this guy gonna let me on the couch?’ And you usually do,” said Mrs. O.

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