October 25, 2016 11:33 AM

Giselle went from surrendered and scared to one of the most adored adoptable cats on the planet.

The 2-year-old blind munchkin cat was given up by her owner to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, according to WCVB. Giselle’s previous family was too overwhelmed with the cat’s medical needs to care for her any longer.

So the MSPCA went to work finding the feline a new home, worried that Giselle, who is also healing from a lung infection, might be one of their most difficult cats to place.

Because of a genetic mutation, Giselle can fit in the palm of your hand, an adorable attribute that comes with its own health problems. The itty-bitty kitty has trouble getting around on her own due to nerve and joint issues. But even with all of these bothers, Giselle stays optimistic and affectionate.

She loves to snuggle, get chin scratches and keep her foster family company. To show off Giselle’s amazing nature, the shelter created the Instagram @RealStumpyCat for her, which is filled with updates, videos and photos.

The plan worked! Giselle now has over 4,000 followers who enjoy watching her explore, recover and cuddle with her foster family. This many followers also means a lot of interested adopters. The shelter says they have recently received adoption requests from 20 different states, plus Canada and even as far away as Australia.

Since Giselle is still healing from her lung infection, the shelter is going to wait until she is in full health before choosing a forever family. This means you still have time to apply, if this sweet, special animal seems like the pet for you.

Giselle is looking for a new home that is single story (since her little legs have trouble with stairs), has a consistent routine and is already home to at least one animal for her to befriend.

“We’re just so hopeful that her story motivates that special adopter who wants nothing more than to safeguard a cat most would view as ‘broken,’ and who will reciprocate with unconditional love and years of companionship,” Alyssa Krieger of the Jamaica Plain adoption center told ABC7NY.

If this sounds like the purrfect match for you, reach out to akrieger@mspca.org to inquire about adopting Giselle.

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