September 06, 2016 04:58 PM

Zen the Pomeranian is more than a best friend to Hoshi the American Eskimo dog, he is also the pup’s eyes.

According to Huffington Post, Hoshi had to undergo surgery for glaucoma, an operation that left him completely blind. Thankfully, shortly before the dog lost his sight, he found his buddy Zen.

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Pauline Perez, the owner of the adorable pair, told The Dodo that the doggie duo was already inseparable before Hoshi’s surgery, and they only grew closer after the operation was over.

Blindness didn’t change much for the twosome. The canine buddies are still side-by-side all the time, and they still enjoy going on adventures around their home state of Washington, now Zen just takes the lead a little more than before.

Amazed by the bond Hoshi and Zen have formed, Perez created an Instagram account for the pair called The Fluffy Duo. The owner wasn’t alone in her amazement; the dogs now have over 15,800 followers who adore getting updates on these furry friends.

After looking at just a few of their photos, you can see that Hoshi and Zen have a friendship that can take them anywhere.

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